Our first clients tested and loved it:

After 2 months of use, the cream became ESSENTIAL for me. But above all I think the serum SAVED my skin this summer. I was in the sun a lot and tanned well.

For the first time I don't have heat rash on my forehead which I frequenty have.


mika, 39

At first sight, I was skeptic about the texture which looks creamy, but since the first use the absorption has been perfect: really fast with a nice comfy sensation...

My skin is finally great after all the sun that I got!

My routine is toner + eye cream + universal cream and at night I put the regenerating serum sometimes coupled with the cream :))

néo, 31

With my oily skin, the universal cream plus the purifying serum are making miracles to my skin. I don't even see the sebum on my cheeks anymore... and to make it easier, I mix the cream + serum directly on my hand!!

Totally recommend this ;)

clément, 38