Do I have to start studying chemistry to understand beauty products' names?

Answer: YES

For this we can suggest you a very good university where you can have the best education, classes are in the evening (because we know you work during the day) 3 times a week for 1 year. Otherwise you have the option of spending hours in front of all the explanations of the beauty gurus on YouTube and of course you have also tons of information in books which are related to chemical scientific explanations.

And then and only then you’ll be able to make a good choice and know what to put on your beautiful face.


So let’s be serious one minute:

We do understand the transparency consumers need from skincare brands and especially after decades where the traditional industry abused our trust by putting petrochemical ingredients into daily skincare products. 

We are happy that step by step the beauty industry is finally turning green … 

But really guys, do you think this transparency has to be done through scientific names?? Do you think people in general have time to understand what ferulic acid means and have as an action?

We have deeply understood that people are lost in this sea of scientific words and most of them don't want to spend time understanding, because we know that involves a lot of investigation …

so don’t worry you are not stupid by not understanding what Azelaic acid, niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin, Alpha Hydroxide Acid, and Salicylic acid mean and it’s normal that you don’t really want to spend the time figuring it out. Also we completely validate that you relied on suggestions from your friends  or some random people to come up with a skincare product (which can be totally well advised but also unfortunately not well analyzed) 

We really think that a product named «fade out your spots mark» works better than «10% Azelaïc Acid» (and again we think that people who are looking for this type of problem are already facing some uncomfortable situations. So why make it complicated?)

In practice…

We were created (also) because of this misunderstanding in the skincare industry, we understand that someone who is already struggling to find the right solution can lose more confidence because of this lack of understanding.

We appear to make product names easy to understand and easy to use.

We can be green but not boring, that we can deliver quality and results and be cool and, most important, empathize with you and your skin with positivity.

We decided to make life easier for everyone: 

Creams that are made for each skin type and serums to solve skin concerns.

For that you just have to Mix & Match these products and… voilà!

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