How can a personal issue turn into a startup?

You know this kind of story when someone has been looking for a solution for years and can't find it and then decides, somewhat out of spite: "Enough, I will have to do it myself." Well, ours is one of these stories and this is where the starting point was:

Ida had a skin situation, a hyper sensitive skin, some blemish and full of spots. Although it was not a serious skin problem, Ida struggled to find a cream that could care for those concerns. She tried dozens and dozens of products, from the most affordable to the most expensive, and she never found anything that matched her expectations and solved her skin issues. 

One day, tired of so many frustrations, she decided to start investigating and studying how she could solve this problem for herself. Even though she is neither a chemist nor a pharmacist, she took a chance to do anything to find a solution.

She started studying and investigating the skincare topic and how to create her own homemade solutions that were, from the beginning, natural solutions based on vegetable, essential oils and active ingredients from plants. Why natural? Because natural was the only option available on the market accessible to her, due to its pure and safe features. 

After several months of formulating cream finally, her skin started to feel better, her face brightened and all the little pimples faded. It was as if her skin, after many years, started to breathe again.

Wow, this could all be true ... a good skin scan and a few well-chosen natural ingredients can work wonders ... it's possible. For Ida the world of cosmetics was finally starting to be clearer, understandable and simple.

Her friends, enthusiastic about the topic and fascinated by the results, started asking her to make creams to suit them as well. As they varied a lot between gender, age, habits and skin types, the challenge was accepted and seen as an opportunity to investigate and further deepen the knowledge in the area. 

Over time, she realized that what she had started as a strictly personal use, was starting to take on fun forms and within a few months she was already working for a base of friends who in turn were talking to their friends about it and so on, forming a base of over 60 people testing their cream prototypes and who regularly came back to order more. 

Ida collected all the feedback she could about the effects and results of the creams. Frequent feedback and analysis allowed her to improve the formulas and make every new cream better than the previous ones. 

But as this adventure progressed, some questions started to be raised:

Were the steps being taken, the right ones? Was the market in need of a solution like this? How to respond to more and more people who approached her to try to obtain the creams she was starting to develop?

Without ever letting herself be frightened by these doubts, she went after  the answers. In the next article, we will share how this search led to transform a personal hobby into a skincare startup. We hope this might also inspire some entrepreneurs out there. 

Stay tuned.

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