Yes, let's talk about the future… (step by step)

Until now, we have had this fast consumption, fast fashion, fast beauty, fast food, fast travel. Buy, use, throw away, buy again, use again, and throw again ….

The products were indeed cheap, accessible, every time renewed with a new design, new taste, new color. But these products were made with poor quality ingredients, made on the other side of the planet, sometimes by children, and most of the time in a very bad environment.

We hope that this way of buying will gradually stop and lead to a new way of consuming:

Consume according to our needs, consume better, consume less, to consume naturally, consume with intelligence and with values, consume locally, more fairly and more accurately.

What do you think about that?
If you think that this could make sense for you and for the planet, you are lucky to be able to start now and, step by step, you will have a better consumption in accordance with your values and principle.

The secret to enjoy this transition is to go step by step, what is important is to appreciate the progress you will make, do not force yourself and do first what you think is important to improve.

for instance, pick one of them:

About your clothes, sort through your wardrobe, to see what you have and what you need to buy or not... and then be attentive to the quality of the clothes you will buy…

About your skin care beauty products: start looking at the composition of your products and look for natural products that will have the same function with amazing results. 

Regarding your shopping you can start by reducing the products with over-wrapping and also choose seasonal vegetables/fruits and locally produced.

Here are some exemples, but there are many other way to go through your transition… let us know and share with us your #TipsTipsTips about your NEW transition :)

+We can make a better future all together
+Steps by steps we will make it
+Consume according to our needs it’s fundamental

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