The 3 main elements that we consider important to create a startup

When we started our project there were a number of factors that were important to be aligned upstream. Incredible as it may seem, having the idea was the easiest part of the whole process. The hard part was to start to implement it and to be able to lay the foundations well from the beginning so that everything could be developed in a sustainable way. Of these basic pillars that we considered important to us we highlight:

  • Focus (which has to be 100%) on what we want to do
  • Commitment and solidarity between team members
  • Environment where the project will be developed

Starting a new and own project for the first time always raises doubts and uncertainties on a personal and professional level. Statistics do not play in favor of entrepreneurs - 9 out of 10 projects fail almost immediately. There is a remote probability of taking a salary, and we all have bills to pay. For this reason, it was clear to us from an early stage that, even on a personal level, many adjustments had to be made to guide expectations and acquire new habits related to the "revenue shortage" factor that we were naturally confronted with. The spirit of sacrifice, solidarity and communication in the team must exist and must be aligned in the same direction. That is why we often hear that the team is the most determining factor in the development of startup projects.

And what about the importance of the environment? 

Here, as in everything in life, it is important to "be in the right place at the right time". We can feel fortunate to have been lucky enough to be part of a program at an incubator like Demium from the beginning even if our decision to enter the program was decided at the last minute. At Demium's all startup weekend, none of our co founders had planned to be there for different reasons. However, and almost as if it were a premonition, they chose to reschedule their commitments in order to be able to know what had been proposed to them. It was, for sure, the first good decision they made and it allowed them all to be here today. Ida and Diogo already knew each other and joined the project together from the beginning, few months later Alexandre joined the program, embraced the project, and have been working together ever since.

Joining this program was extremely important to help us fix ideas, refine the concept and introduce ourselves to the reality of the entrepreneurial world that it was, for us, something unknown. Having access to mentoring sessions with experienced and critical people that made us think and question the steps and the direction to take was (has been) decisive in helping us to evolve and walk with more certain and safe steps . That is why we advise everyone who wants to build something and doesn’t know how to start, to join a community that helps you grow. Another extremely important point in this context is the physical space where everything unfolds. We started with Demium at NOW Beato, later passed by Sítio and found ourselves today, at IDEA Spaces, where we ended up establishing ourselves after creating the company. We all have excellent memories that represented concrete steps in our journey and all provided us with proximity to other inspiring projects that, like us, wish to leave a positive mark on the world.

We would like to know the opinion of everyone who is developing or would like to start a project of their own. Do you go through the same obstacles? What were or have been your learnings throughout the journey? What aspects do you consider most relevant?

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